About the Therapists



Marguerite "Peggy" Salley, LCSW
Peggy Salley is a Licensed Clincial Social Worker who specializes in group, family, couples, and individual therapy with children, adolescents, and adults.  She is trained and certified in EMDR, Transactional Analysis, and sex therapy.  While she specializes in anxiety, depression, and panic attacks, she treats the majority of issues that occur in our lives.       
Linda Watts, LPC
Linda is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been in practice for over 26 years.  She has a Masters degree in Education from North Texas State University and a Masters degree in counseling from Louisiana Tech University.  Having been a school teacher for 15 years prior to counseling, she specializes in children and educational evaluations.  She is trained in marriage counseling, family counseling, EMDR, Life Span Integration, and group therapy.  Linda presently leads several groups for children's social skills as well as groups for adolescents and adults.
Jennifer Monsour, LPC, LMFT
Jennifer is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in family, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, anger management, couples, Post Traumatice Stress Disorder (PTSD), and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD).  She is certified in EMDR, which is sometimes used when treating PTSD and anxiety disorders.  Jennifer has also received additional training in Transactional Analysis and Redirection therapy.
Lynn Vauclin, LPC, LMFT
Lynn is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  Her practice includes working with children and adults in individual and group settings.  Her main focus is working with adolescents and their families, military families, and couples counseling.
Sarannette Frontaura-Duck, LPC, NCC
Sarannette is a Licensed Professional Counselor who is bilingual in English and Spanish.  Her current practice entails individuals, couples, and families consisting of all genders, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.  She is skilled in helping individuals overcome the challenges of suicide of a loved one, depression, divorce, anxiety, substance abuse, PTSD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), ADD/ADHD, grief, loss, and crisis intervention.  Saranette is also trained in EMDR and provides a suicide survivor's support group that meets once a month.
Amanda Middlebrook, LCSW
Amanda is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who graduated with her Masters degree from Stephen F. Austin State University.  She has over 10 years of experience with behavioral health.  Amanda has worked in many different clincial settings including: inpatient behavioral facilities, intensive outpatient day treatment clinics, community health centers, and private practice.  Amanda's therapeutic approach is from a multi-system theory that places emphasis on the belief that people are constantly growing, changing, and transitioning.
Linda Grayson, LCSW
Linda is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Registered Play Therapist who received her Master’s degree from Louisiana State University. She was trained as a generalist and therefore uses a variety of strategies and approaches to therapy – including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Linda’s experience includes inpatient psychiatric treatment, community mental health, forensic evaluations, and private practice. She works with men, women, and children. Her goal is to provide focused guidance to help you get more of what you want out of life and less of what you don't want.  

Dr. Sarah Drummond, PsyD     
Dr. Drummond has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She is licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in Louisiana and Texas. Dr. Drummond has advanced training and education in pschological and neuropsychological assessment. She provides evaluations for individuals challenged by developmental, learning, and emotional difficulties across the lifespan, from early childhood through late adulthood. Dr. Drummond offers a comprehensive and therapeutic assessment of an individual's cognitive and emotional strengths and weaknesses to facilitate understanding, clarify diagnosis, and guide treatment appropriately. Additionally, Dr. Drummond works with adults in individual or couples psychotherapy. Dr. Drummond believes the therapeutic relationship offers an opportunity and a healing environment through which to understand painful circumstances, as well as oneself, others, and the world more deeply. Self-awareness, symptom relief, improved relationships and functioning, and movement toward living life in a more purposeful and meaningful manner are a few of Dr. Drummond's passions, as well as some of the possibilities and areas of growth psychotherapy affords.                   


Crista Moore Murray, LPC
Crista is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Her practice includes working with adolescents and adults in individual and group settings. Her areas of expertise include anxiety reduction, mindfulness and whole person wellness. Crista works closely with other providers to ensure proper functioning for each aspect of her client's life. In addition to traditional psychotherapy techniques, Crista encourages alternative ways to engage in the therapeutic relationship with her clients, such as exercise.